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Xbox Kinect

It was the year 2010 and something and the Xbox had just come out and the people over at the Xbox 360 developer place and they were thinking up some things that can go with the Xbox 360. They did come up with the following.


According to, the Kinect “is a line of motion sensing input devices”  The set of hardware has some cameras, infrared projectors, and detectors that mapped depth through either structured light or by the time of flight calculations.

Within a few months, this Kinect sold like 10 million (10,000,000) units. Now if I had a dollar for every one sold that would be nice.

There were a lot of people that hacked into the Kinect to see what it was in, like Hardware and the software.  They then tried to connect it to Windows and OS X all over USB and that was all unsecured.

My Opinion

All though I never used one. My kids had one and they enjoyed using it. I find that this could become a useful thing and it can help with many things. But it could really have a downside as well. Be used for not so good things. 

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