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Xbox 360

It was the year 2010 something and back in the day, Microsoft put out a video game console called the Xbox with all the home video game console out there Microsoft had to do something.


In 2003 the Xbox 360 was thought up and it had 400 developers come by to get some support for the product. Sega’s former VP joined Microsoft in February 2003. They had ATI produce the graphic processing unit for the new console.


When it was launch it is an online service called Xbox live it came in as a free and subscription-based option. It allowed the users to play games online, you can stream music and video. You can also access 3rd party streaming applications. It also can stream stuff media from local PCs.

You can acquire some peripherals for money of course. They have Wireless controllers, expanded hard drive storage and the Kinect motion-sensing camera.  Making this a great hub for living-room computing entertainment.

My opinion

This was a great thing for the industry. It was a great idea and it was popular. However, I didn’t agree with them having to pay for Xbox Live in order to watch Netflix or any other streaming applications. I know my kids love it. I don’t play games so I don’t have an opinion on the ability of the gaming system.

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