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Neewer Adapter

With the onset of my new camera, I mentioned that it only has one cold shoe slot.


The camera has only one of these

So, how am I going to add the following to it

I am not going to add both of those. So, I needed to come up with something.

I found this

The question will this work?


Well, it kind of works. Let me explain.

The Lumecube and the mini microphone work great when using the adapter.

However, the DJI mic didn’t work.

You can’t tell from that picture, but it wouldn’t stay put. It kept sliding out. I know bummer. (I will make a video about this later)

Didn’t work

This didn’t work for what I intended it for. But I still like this device. It works great for certain things.


It worked with about 95% of the things I wanted it to work with. But the one thing I wanted it to work with well, it didn’t work. The DJI receiver kept falling out. Now I have to think of something else.

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