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Canon EOS M50

I have been thinking of getting myself another camera for my blogging purposes. So, I picked something up, and my wife wasn’t too happy.

Osmo Cameras

I used an Osmo pocket when I started filming my Quartatine videos along with my iPhone. Then, I picked up an Osmo Action. I have used that as my primary vlogging Camera for several years. My son was filming me on some of my videos, and he said. “Dad, do you have another camera?” I had other cameras like my Osmo Pocket, but that is a pain to film on sometimes. I do have an old-school DLSR camera. A Nikon camera.


But the only one I had that was good was the Action. So I went out and brought myself something that I could use. Oh, and my wife won’t be happy at all.

What did I pick up

I went to Best Buy, and I picked up the following:

Yes, I didn’t get the most expensive camera out there. If I had done that, I think I would have been dead. I gut something affordable. I use it every day. I might not post everything I film on it. But I do film myself all the time. I can get better at being on Camera.

My recent trip to St. George, Utah. I just took my Osmo Action. That has just been a quick trip. However,  90% of the filming I do for my YouTube videos is on this new Camera. I like it

The box comes with the following:

  • Digital Camera EOS M50 Mark II
    • Of course
  • Zoom lens
  • Strap
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery

Just the basic stuff. The features of the Camera are

  • Mic phone jack
    • Not in the best place
  • Cold shoe mount
  • A bunch of different buttons


  • A flip-out monitor
    • Yes, this was something I was looking for
  • Mini HDMI plug
  • Wi-Fi connection
    • It’s nice to hook up your Camera to your phone.

I am sure it has many more features than I have mentioned here. But those are mostly the features I was looking for in a camera. I can get other lenses for it as well. I have to make sure it is an EF-M lens. These are the only ones that are made for this Camera. You can also use any third-party lenses that fit the micro four-thirds system mount that the Mark II uses.

My thoughts

This is just something that I was looking at and then went out and got. Yes, I am still alive. My wife was upset, but she knew the reason I got it.

This is something that I have wanted to get for a while. I wanted to step up my video game, but will this help my videos be any better? Doesn’t that depend on the content and the person on the video? Anyway, I thought this would help me better see what is happening in the video. Then, there is a small screen of the Osmo Action.

Plus, it would be nice if I ever desire to film in 4k. Yes, the Osmo action has 4K. I was looking for something different to help with my vlogging and to make me do better.

I am not getting paid to endorse this Camera. I talk about what I use daily to improve this blog and vlogs.

There are many different options, and I go with this one.


This video is from my Just Justin YouTube channel.

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