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Memory Case

Now with the addition of the OSMO action, I thought I need to keep all my SD cards together. So they aren’t everywhere and I know where they are at.

OSMO Pocket

With the Pocket, I carried it in a case, where it had room for an extra Mini SD card.

What I got

But I got a whole bunch more cards. Check it out

I got the following to help with all the cards I got.

Yep, I got this off of Amazon. It seems most things I buy nowadays are off of Amazon. I mean I got it in 2021 and we were still sort of in lockdown, I  got it in April of 2021.

It has 36 slots for a memory card.

  • 24 Micro SD cards
  • 12 SD cards

I like this case, it really helps me keep all my cards organized and in one place.  I have a whole bunch of 128 GB cards, OK, Like 4 of them,

  • 128 GB
    • 2 in the case
    • 1 in pocket
    • 1 in Action
  • 64GB
    • 4 of them
  • 32GB
    • 2 in case
    • 1 in the pocket case
    • 1 in drone
  • 1 SD card
    • Full of pictures from us 4 wheeling
      • I just keep it in there
  • 2 Micro SD adapters
    • Yea, just in case I need 2 of them.

Just makes my case will fuller.

I will probably need to get more cards. ( Might not need them, but one never knows)


I was looking at the Nomatic memory holder, but it just didn’t appeal to my needs. Yea, it holds up to 6 SD cards and 2 C-Fast cards. But, I found this one for only $9.99. This one really makes my organizing a lot better. Now I just need to carry this with me more often.


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