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Cord Organizer

You have a lot of cords for your tech right. Like me, I have a lot of stuff to charge and you need to have them organized somewhere.


I used to just put my cords in my backpack in a pocket and well that was a pain in the butt.  Trying to find a cord to charge something. Then you realized that you left it at home or the hotel. Never done the hotel thing, but leaving them at home yes I have done that before.

Found one

I found this electronic Organizer on Amazon for $19.99 back in 2018, and this is what it looked like.

I used it quite a bit and it was always full of cords. But I outgrew that one and I was looking for a new one. However, my one son said that he doesn’t use his cable organizer anymore. It was like the one I was thinking of getting. So I switched him and now I have this one.

What does it hold

This holds a lot of different cords like

  • iPhone
    • Two of them.
  • iWatch
  • USB A to USB C cables
  • Cord of a microphone
  • A power cable
  • Couple of Micro chargers
  • Glass cleaner cloth
  • 2 mesh pockets to hold misc. things
    • USB charger
    • Laptop charger for MacBook
  • And a Velcro pocket
    • Big enough for a Kindle or iPad Mini

This just gives me more room to put things in and plus I have freed up room in my backpack to put other things in there.

My thoughts

I liked the first one I got as it served its purpose and that was to organize my cords. This way I know where they are at and where they go. That way the cords won’t get lost. Unless your kids take them for their own use and never return them. I hate when that happens. You know you go to charge your phone and you don’t have a cable. But you need to get one.


I did make a video about this.

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