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2TB Hard drive

For anyone out there and just not nerds, you will need a hard drive. I have several of them, but that is for a different post. However, I have one that I carry with me in my backpack when I go out.

Hard Drive

My MacBook is not that big on storage. I think like 256GB, yea not that much. I decided to get an external hard drive and made sure it was for a Mac OS.

I got this from Best Buy for $85.79

I bought this for it as well

Yep bought that on Amazon for $9.99 back in Feb. 2021. Better to protect your hard drive than not.

What it looks like together


This way when I am traveling I can back up all of my stuff from my SD micro cards. I have like 480GB of SD cards that I carry, granted I don’t fill all of that storage up, maybe one day. Where am I going to put that when my computer is only 256GB and it running out of space.

Well, on this 2TB hard drive of course. Then when I am home I can move it over to one of my other storage devices, I will talk about that later.

The only problem I have is that once in a while it will disconnect from my MacBook and that is a pain in the butt. It isn’t fun at all. Just knowing that my data is there makes it a lot nicer. The only down part of this is if it gets stolen. That is why it is in my backpack.

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