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Battery backups

There have been many times I am on vacation somewhere and my phone is running low, I need to power it up, but I got nothing.

What you need

We were up in Seattle in 2015 and my wife’s phone was running low and we didn’t have one of these so we had to stop and buy one. Luckily it had enough juice in it to power it up. I don’t know what happened to that one. She loses the all the time.

You need to have some sort of battery backup, to power your devices up when they are running low. I started with this (well not this color, this is my wife’s)

Yep, that was it.  It was called a lipstick charger. Since was small and could easily fit in your pocket.

I have had several over the years and they keep on disappearing. I bought my wife and kids their own due to them using mine and losing them. But, somehow those have gotten lost.

I had this one for a while well I had 2 of them.

It was thin and could fit anywhere in my bag or in my pocket to help charge my phone.

Now I got this one. It has been really nice to use. My wife uses it more than I do since her phone is always low on juice.

My wife does have this one

Do you think she remembers it when going places? Nope,


You really need a battery backup nowadays as a lot of things can be charged off of this. I mean anything with a USB cable like

  • Phones
    • Phones
  • Action cameras
    • GoPro’s
    • Osmo Action
    • Osmo Pocket
  • It will not charge my MacBook, didn’t think it would but it didn’t. However, my Mac book was charging up the battery pack. That isn’t what I wanted I did USB C to USB C, maybe if I did USB A to USB C that might work.

This one goes in my backpack as well as the gray one. So I have double the backup.

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