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I was watching some YouTube videos and I saw something that come up and well it made me look twice. I needed to get one of those things.

What was it

It was this thing from PGYTECH and it is called the Mantispod Vlogging thing. It doesn’t have the word thing in it, that is just something I put in there because it is a thing. Basically, this is a helper for vlogging. You know when you do videos for YouTube or Vimeo.

This is what it looks like


What does this have, well let’s take a look at them.

  • Tripod feature
    • You can put this on a table or something like that
  • Cold shoe on the side
    • Mount a mic or a light.
  • 7 modes
    • Extended
    • Lowered view
    • Elevated Tripod
    • Mantis
    • Mobile
    • Vertical shooting
    • Handheld
  • Snaplock plate
  • 1/4 screw hole
  • Reverse ball head

I could go on.


Let’s talk about the modes this thing has.

Extended mode

Not sure if this is the extended mode, but I think it is. You can position the tripod out to be an extension of your arm and attach the ball joint to this option

Lowered view

Basiclly means that this is a lower to the groud mode


To me, this means that it is at the normal tripod mode


This mode is what sold me on this thing was the mode. Under the underside of the single leg, you have a hook. You take that out and you can hang it places. Yes. I have used the mantis mode and love it.


Also on the inside of the single-leg, there is a mobile phone holder. I guess there are two ways of doing this first way is to take out the phone holder and put it in the snaplock Plate.


You can put the mobile phone holder in the snap lock plate and turn this sideways and you can do like Instagram stories and so forth.

You can even mount your camera to this and use that as well.



This mode is just what it says. You close the tripod legs and you have the handheld mode. See above picture ^^

The cold shoe mount on the side of this thing comes in handy for a mic

My thoughts

I like this thing, all the different modes and what you can do with this thing is what every vlogger needs. It is handy. I know this will be coming with me all the time. It did cost me about $169. But well worth it. If you go out to the PGYTECH website you can find it for $149

If you are a vlogger you need to pick up this to help you out.


Yep, I did a video on this thing. Check it out.

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