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You only have two hands, wouldn’t be nice to have something useful to put a camera on?


What are tripods?  Well, they are a three-legged stand (Tripod means three legs) so you can stabilize something like a camera, for taking photos. A telescope. Now they are used to hold video cameras for YouTube and so forth. Let’s see what types I have


Amazon Basic

First Tripod was from Amazon, I go this on Feb. 1, 2015, It was $12.98. It lasted a long time. I used it mostly for my Logitech HD 1080p web camera. It was great for skype calls, zoom calls.

It broke, most likely being carried in the side pocket of my backpack. It was a good tripod for the price.

Kisen Phone

Tripod was mainly for my iPhone, but I used it with my OSMO pocket as well. I ordered this on December 12, 2019, and it was $14.95. This is a handy little tripod, all sorts of uses.  It is flexible and you can place this almost anywhere.

Pocket Camera

Mount kit of the OSMO Pocket, was $18.99 and I got this on Mar. 20, 2020.  $18.99 for the tripod itself. Not the stick that came in another package. But this wasn’t worth the $18.99.

Op-MIPLUS Mont Expansion

The kit will work with the OSMO pocket. This was like $8.00 and I got it on  June 29, 2020. I used this all the time on my desk for the daily quarantine videos I did on my social media platform. T

hey were for fun. You can see them here

Extendable Selfie stick

For GoPro, Phone, OSMO Action, or Pocket. I picked this up for $19.95 on  April 30, 2021. I thought this would be a good fit with my Pocket, which I will be talking about later, and my Want to be GoPro. You can find that review here.

The only problem with this tripod is this

ULANZI extension pole

This is an MT-08 Extension pole for the iPhone and other devices. I got this May 2021 for $19.95.

I picked this up as I wanted an easier way to connect things. It has a screw head and I didn’t have to keep unhooking the GoPro bracket.

That is it folks

That is what I use. Not all the time or anymore, but I like the tripods and what good use they are.


Yep, I made a video for the tripods

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