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Want to be go pro

I have always wanted a GoPro, it was small and could record some pretty good videos. They were just way too expensive for my budget.


I was looking to improve my videos by getting something smaller to take videos of some of the places on my trips.  Wanted a GoPro, but way too expensive for me and they still are. I wanted something I could strap to my chest and use on

  • Four wheelers
  • Wave Runners
  • Running
    • I don’t do that but I could
  • Parasailing

That would be fun, right. Showing a video of different things with a different view. Now that would be a great video for my website


I was looking around and I found one that fit my budget and didn’t break the bank. I found this on Amazon.

It was a small 1080p HD video camera. I call it the want to be GoPro. It was $50 dollars. Yes, you heard that right, $50 dollars. So I ordered that and a kit with

  • Head strap
  • Floaty Grip
  • Chest harness
  • Car suction cup
  • Selfie Stick monopod
  • And attachments
  • Water proof case
    • It wasn’t water proof

Tried to get a picture of the package but it is no longer on Amazon.


I got it in March of 2017 and we headed out to California in April and boarded the Carnival Inspiration for a 5-day cruise for spring break. The perfect thing to put this thing to the test.

We got to Catalina Island, and my son strapped this to his chest and he went parasailing. We got some great videos of that experience. However, I am not sure what happened to the video. I am sure it is somewhere on the 28TB of storage I have.

I used it to film

  • Alaska cruise aboard the Ruby Princess
    • My son forgot to put it on when he went kayaking
  • Mexican Rivera cruise aboard the Carnival Splendor
    • Got some great footage of four wheeling
  • Caribbean Cruise aboard the Regal Princess
    • Came in handy at St. Johns
    • Princess Cay
  • Missouri Trip
  • Philly trip
  • Lake Powell
  • All around filming


Now the mic isn’t that good, it was $50 dollars. Didn’t really care about talking into the camera. I just mainly wanted to show the adventure. Really wasn’t into talking on video yet.

You had to scroll thru the menu by pushing the mode button

And then you have to use the OK button, which was also recorded.

You could take pictures and video and that was about it.


I really liked this camera and it got the job done. However, it was a pain to remember to bring the waterproof case when we went to the beach or took it out on the water. I got a couple of new batteries for it so I could have backup power, but one of the new batteries got stuck in it and I can’t get it out. The other 2 batteries aren’t doing much good.

It worked for me for doing what I wanted it to do.  For being a 1080p camera it is good enough to put up YouTube videos or Vimeo videos. Where a lot of the videos can be seen.

Some Videos

The video portions are from this camera

Casa Blanca Hotel

Four Wheeling in Mexico

Just some of the video’s I have used this for.

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