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What is it? Well, I have been trying to figure it out. Their website really doesn’t help.

What is it.

This is what the Pivo looks like

You can say this is a device to help your creative way.


This came up on Kickstarter back in 2018, I thought what the heck, I will pick it up. I could do a lot with the stuff I get. I will explain that a little bit later.

I got this around March of 2019, not too bad. I only waited three months. To get it. It cost me about $100, OK, $104.00 that includes shipping. My wife was upset that I bought something else.

It came with the following:

The case

Inside the case

It also came with the following:

What can it do

Well, this is equipped with the following:

  • Face and body tracking
  • Ai-powered
  • Long battery life
  • All-in-one features

You can do so much with this little thing. You can make your videos really pop.

The App

The app just got updated to something called Pivo+, it looks like this:


You need to sign up for an account. Yea, I know, I know. Almost everything needs an account.


I really haven’t used it that often, but now I have a renewed desire to use this. Now that I found everything again. Don’t get me started. But from what I have done with this, I have enjoyed it. Now I have used it to take pictures of things, due to the light screen thing. It makes picture taking a lot better.

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