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Bed Cleaner

My wife came and talked to me one night and she found a really cool thing on Facebook. She said it would be really nice to have when we travel.


We started to travel more often and my wife saw something called a bed cleaner, It is a small little cleaner. Looks like this

You could take this and let it clean your bed. Let me explain


On the campaign page it says the following:

You spend a third of your life in bed

That is a long time you spend in bed and it is your sanctuary. You don’t want to worry about germs, mold, bacteria, or dust mites.

Let’s start the smart AI sensors

  • Will never get stuck in bed or fall off of a bed. As it has 18 sensors.
  • Focuses on sensors for materials and fabrics

The different modes

Under the Blanket Mode

You need to remove the handle cover and simply place the cleansebot underneath the blanket and press the power on the button once for 30 min and twice for 60 min. It has 4 UV-C lights to clean and sanitize and disinfect your sheets and blankets.

You can also put it on top of the blanket to clean the top.

Handheld Mode

You put your hand in the hand strap and turn it on. It will only use the bottom UV-C light to clean items. Like

  • Pillow cases
  • Toliet seats
  • Light switches
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • TV remotes
  • Toys for kids
  • Cell phones
  • Keyboards
  • Tablets
  • And interior of cars
  • And more things people

Power Bank mode

You can use the USB cord to power any device. That makes it a truly unique device.

My Thoughts

Did it live up to the hype, well I got it for $100 dollars? It took forever to get to me. After countless delays, it finally arrived and was not too late since I was moving. We tried it out and well it fell off the bed several times. So I am not sure if the under blanket mode works. The handheld mode works pretty well. So this is still up in the air on how effective it is. Only time will tell.

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