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Selfie Sticks

You are a blogger or a Vlogger, and you need to capture you vlogging. How do you do that?

Let’s find out.


You can use your arm but you have about 30 inches give or take. You can put it down and walk away from your phone or camera. But you need to have like something that you can hold in your hand and it extends. Oh, wait that is called a selfie stick.


I have a couple of different kinds of selfie sticks. Here they are

One for my iPhone

This one is the white and black one.

It connects to your phone and you can take photos with it.  It is a micro USB port so you can charge it up and you don’t have to have batteries.

It has a wrist strap to hook around your wrist so you don’t lose it. Well, if I could fit my hand in it then it would be good.

I like this one, it came in handy.  It has a 36″ expansion.

One for phone or camera.

This one has about a 30″ reach and has sections to expand a short way or all the way.  It has a thread on the top screw and you can put GoPro stuff there.  It has a thread in the bottom for attaching a tripod.

This was a good selfie stick


The black stick has had some issues and well it has come to be well, unusable.  It sticks and won’t extend and then it won’t stay open.

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