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Sling Bag

When I was able to travel I needed something to carry the tech I needed to get the videos I needed. Needed a smaller bag. Didn’t want to carry my big backpack.


When I was in the Caribbean in Feb. of 2020, before the world shut down. I wanted to film my adventures, but I didn’t want to carry my big backpack.

First of all my wife hated my backpack. I will talk about this later.

Second of all, it was big and all we needed was to carry a few things like

  • Cameras
    • I carried 2 of them I will talk about them later on this website
  • Chargers for the phones
  • Wallets
  • Money

But, what would I do? Do I need a big backpack? It would be nice, but is it really necessary?

What I found

Was looking on Amazon and I found a few bags. Here is one of them.

That isn’t the one I got instead. Due to it being cheaper.

The Bag

It features 3 zipped pockets and one opened pocket

Open Pocket

This is on the front of the bag

I am not sure what to put in there. It does have a strap to somewhat tighten it up.

First zipped pocket

Right behind the open pocket is the first zipped pocket.  You can fit a kindle fire in that pocket or a small notebook. It has 2 little pockets to hold stuff.

Second zipped pocket

This is the very back pocket and it is big enough to hold the Kindle Fire and other things. This is where I have kept some of my camera things and a battery backup. It does have a big elastic pocket.

Third zipped pocket

Is on the strap and it is just a little tiny one.

You can hold small things in here like

  • Money
  • Small camera items
  • Keys

It is too small for a phone, well iPhone 11 Pro Max as that is what I have.  It won’t fit a passport either.


It fits over one’s shoulder, like this

It is a little tight. I am working on that. But, I am not sure, I have some big wide shoulders.

Used it

I have used it a couple of times, it was tight. But it’s nice to have all my stuff with me. Like cameras,  cords, battery backup.  Yea it is nice. My wife doesn’t like it. I will continue to use this. To see how it is working. 

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