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Gadgets and More


While in Vegas a couple of years ago, I bought a new piece of luggage and I got to pick something up for free.

What did I get?

I picked up a scale, it is an electronic scale. I had an older one. It was not as nice. I like new things, so why not.



What is the purpose of the scale for luggage? This is to make sure you have no surprises of overloaded luggage and pay a hefty fee at the airport when checking your bag.

If you don’t check a bag you won’t have an issue. True, but sometimes we aren’t as perfect as the just the carry-on people.

Tech bag

Yes, this is in my bag and I use it to see how heavy my tech bag is and what I am carrying around on my back. Plus you never know when your carry-on will be weighed. I know it sucks. But I like the use of this scale. It is just fun to use.

Pick up one and you won’t regret it.

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