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8TB My Book Live

While trying to improve my data storage, I got small hard drives, and a 2TB NAS. But was it enough? Oh, hell no!

Upped my storage

I was getting into digital media. Yea, I like music and other forms of entertainment. I wanted something that could handle a crap full of data. I picked up the following in October of 2013, it was a WD My Book Live Duo 8TB Personal Cloud storage, for $529.99. Yea it was a lot of money and my wife wasn’t too happy about it. But she got over it.

That was a lot of money for someone who wasn’t making much of it. I had a family to provide for and this wasn’t providing for them. Buying this was just providing for my selfish needs. Well, that is what I heard.

Granted it might have been, I was providing a service for the family to organize the following better:

  • The data
  • The music
    • Easier to get to
  • No more trying to find the CD
  • Entertainment
    • TV Shows
    • Movies
  • So we can have a digital library of things.

But that wasn’t good enough.

Did it hold up

This did hold up to my standards, it was getting a work out of holding all the data, well, primarily digital media files. I guess that is why I was buying smaller drives to keep my other files on since my media files were adding up.

I really enjoyed this drive. It was nice to have.

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