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Gadgets and More


In the year 2013, I had a couple of External Hard drives already.  Did I need anything else? Hell, ya. You can’t have enough storage.

Personal Cloud

In March 2013 I picked up a Western Digital My book live 2TB personal Cloud Storage Network Attached Storage (NAS). This cost me $139.

My wife wasn’t too happy with this since I already had a couple of external hard drives. Why did I need more?  Well, I just do. You can never have enough storage. Right?

Used it for

What did I use this for? I moved a lot of my files from the external hard drives and all the flash drives I had at the time. I used it all the time. It was easy to access as long as I was home. I couldn’t access it remotely. That was a bummer, but I didn’t know that was an option.

Still use it

Nope, I don’t still use it. I am unable to access it anymore. Not sure what happened. I  need to pop the case open to see if I can hook up the hard drive to my SATA data transfer gadget I have.  Maybe I will have to do a video/blog post on it.

Lose the data

Since it is not accessible did I lose the data? Not sure, I know I moved most of it over to another NAS. But I will have to see once I break it open and attempt the data transfer.


I really liked it it was useful while it lasted. It helped me a lot to organize my data. Well, OK, maybe not that organized way it should be, but it was at the time.

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