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External Hard Drives

Data is everything nowadays. You only have so much room on your computers. So what do you do?

Flash Drives

I started out with some flash drives, the last one was a 32 GB flash drive.

It was easy to carry around I took that sucker everywhere with me. Once I thought I lost it. But I found it. Thank goodness. It has a lot of valuable information on it.

External Drives

I picked up a 160 GB hard drive, I can’t remember when I picked this up or from where. But I used it all the time. It wasn’t that portable, but I did take it with me to school to put my data on and this was a Western Digital (WD).

I then upgraded my external hard drive up to a 1 TB hard drive. This was in 2013 and it was a WD and cost $89.99. Not only did it help out with school, but it also had movies on it for my graveyard shift yea I used it a lot.

In 2015 I picked up a WD 1TB, which was for backup of certain files and things that stayed at home.  It was $56.99, it was cheaper so yea, why not pick one up?

In 2016, for $59.00, I picked up another WD  1TB hard drive. I was storing other data on it. Yea, I had a lot of data.

In 2018, I picked up a 4TB WD hard drive once again to store a lot of data on it, yea I have a lot of stuff.  It was $99.00

In April of 2020, I picked up a 2TB Passport hard drive suitable for the MacBook. It was $79.99. I use this as a backup for the videos I created on my MacBook. To free up space on my computer

Then in May of 2021, I picked up a WD 1TB hard drive, which was $59.00. This one was blue. I thought it would be good to put all my video files from my OSMO Action or Pocket so I didn’t lose them. I thought it would be easier to move from my MacBook to my Windows computer. It was a bigger pain in the butt. So, I just put them all on the 2TB MacBook hard drive I got in 2020. I think I just wanted an extra one.

That is the tale of my external small hard drives. Next up is a move into something else.

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