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Do you read books while on trips? You don’t want to carry books around. Then you need to get a digital reader.


I got a kindle it was an older one and it looked like this

I carried it around everywhere I traveled, even to school to read books. But, that kindle kind of died. So I got a second one from someone selling. That died a couple of years later.

What do I do know

Well, my wife got a Kindle Fire and she stopped using it. So I took it and I use it to this day. It looks like this

Yes, it is pink, it used to bother me, and I use I could get a new case for it. But I would rather spend money on other things. Pink is pink.

My thoughts

If you need to keep up on your reading. Instead of watching YouTube videos or TV. This is a must thing to have and this is why it is in my tech backpack.  I need to keep my reading up.

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