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New Backpack

It was only time before I got a new backpack for all of my tech.  Don’t get me wrong. I have loved my old backpack.  What did I get?

Time for a new one

My wife really hated the old backpack, I did pack a lot of stuff into it. You know the things I might need. Sometimes I didn’t use it, but I might need it if I didn’t pack it. That is why my bag was always full. I will admit that I did over pack and that the old one could go for a few more years. But I was looking for a new one. I had several in mind, I narrowed it down to a couple. The only problem was price. My old one cost about $90 bucks. The one I was looking at well it was on sale for $189 dollars. Usually it was over $200.

Got it

It took me a while to get it. But after I went to the Caribbean, I needed to get a new one. My wife had it and told me just to spend the money. I did and I ordered the Nomatic everyday bag. This is what it looks like


Is a company that focuses on good, quality products. Which range from wallets to Luggage. I have been looking at these bags for a while.  This is the type of packing it came in

This is the packing

This bag has got some pockets, yea not as much as the old bag, but it has some mesh pockets you can store stuff in. Will it pack as much as the old one?

It has 2 compartments one in the back and the front one. 

The front zipper pocket

It has an RIFD zipper pocket you can put in or your wallet like a passport. Anything that has the possibility to be scanned should go in there. It does have another zipper pocket behind 2 meh pockets, which is next to some pen holders

On the backside of the first pocket, you have four mesh pockets and It has a notebook pocket, that is what they call it, but I might put other things in there. Still playing around

The back part of the bag, you have a cord pass thru and 2 zipper mesh pockets. I have my cruises luggage tags in there.

Then the other side is three mesh pockets, 1 big and 2 small. Four mesh pockets on the side.

The back has a laptop spot and two pockets for like an iPad, notebook, and things like that.

It does have a small pocket on the back. You can tuck the straps behind the snaps and carry it like a briefcase. It does have a pass thru so you can put it on your carry on.

It does have a top pocket. To put like a cell phone in and stuff like that. Granted this isn’t as big as the old one. But it will be fine. I just have to see what needs to go in there.


Check out the video I did, I am still working on being a video person.

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