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Me, I like notebooks to write in when I can’t type on my iPad or MacBook.

Jot down

It is useful to jot down little things like where I was at and what I was doing. So it helps me remember. I tried to use my phone, but I can write faster than I can type on my keyboard on my iPhone.

What do I use

I use the following notebook.

It is a wide-ruled Composition notebook

I have carried this with me for every trip since 2020. It really helps me out.

Got a new one

I did get a new one, but I am not sure when I will start to use it. It is a black Nomatic notebook

It is a nice notebook, but I don’t want to ruin it. I do have a bunch of the first ones. But I am going to take this on the next trip.

My thoughts

Get a notebook and use it to help you jot down thoughts and things you are doing. Really like how they fit in the tech backpack.

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