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New Action Camera

My HD 1080p Action Sports camera wasn’t cutting it anymore. I got an OSMO Pocket thinking that is what I would use to do a lot of vlogging or doing videos. What did I get?

Action Camera

I wanted something like a GoPro, but that was like $599, that was a lot of money. My OSMO Pocket was good, I was using it all the time to film my quarantine videos when the world shut down. But I was thinking I needed something more to help me film videos. I was starting to take the thought of starting a YouTube channel. I did that and I film most of my video’s on that YouTube Channel.

What new action camera did I get that didn’t cost me $599.

OSMO Action

I picked up this camera on Amazon for a total of $214.49

And that included all of this stuff

Most of the accessories that came with this, I don’t currently use. But some of them I do.


This is a nice addition to my video collection and gives me another option to do my videos for the following:

  • This blog
  • My Travel Blog
  • My personal blog
    • My YouTube channel

Will this help me become a better video person, probably not but it is worth a shot, right?


Here is a video

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