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OSMO Pocket Accessories

Now that I have the Osmo Pocket I need to get some stuff for it to make it a better camera. So what did I do? I got a crap (a lot) of stuff.


This camera is a good small one, but out of the box, you are missing some functionally to make it an excellent camera. 

What did I get

Thanks to the internet on the Regal Princess, I was able to order the 34-in-1 expansion accessories kit for DJI Osmo Pocket. When I got home, it was waiting for me.  NICE!!

Then I ordered the following:

Wide-Angle lens

USB-c to 3.5mm Microphone adapter

Mount phone holder for DJI

Compact case


Data cold Shoe adapter

Expansion kit

Extension L bracket mount


Mount Expansion kit

Charging rod case

Carrying case

Tripod mount with cold shoe

That is a lot of stuff for the pocket to make it a better camera.

Used it

Oh, hell yea I used the stuff. All during the “lockdown” or whatever you want to call it.  I filmed a lot with this camera.  Yes, it has a few issues, but it is a good camera. Do I still use it? Not as much as I used to. 

I really liked this camera now that I got some things for it to help out with the functionality of the camera and that is nice.

Find out what I got in the next post.


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