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Zhiyun Gimbal

Back in 2018, when I wanted to kick up my video recording to a new level. I picked me up something I thought would help me.

What did I pick up

On Aug. 27, 2018, I was at Best Buy picking up some stuff for my son.  I decided to pick up something for myself. Well, a couple of different things. But we are talking about one thing. I picked something called Zhiyum Smooth Q 3-axis smartphone gimbal. It was $99

It came in the following case


In my quest to become a better vlogger, is that even a word, but anyway. I have wanted to grow my video skills as I want to expand into video to enhance my blogs. You can do so much with video.

You can show what you are writing about. I know it takes away from one’s imagination.


Well, I picked this up to help with video with my smartphone, I had an iPhone 7x plus.  Some of the questions I asked myself to make sure I would get a lot of use of it

  1. Will it be useful?
  2. Will I use it?
  3. Will it make me a better video person?
  4. Is it something that is practical?
  5. Is it worth the $99?

The Answer to those questions

  1. Will it be useful?
    1. Yes, I thought it would be very useful. To steady the video of filming on the iPhone
  2. Will I use it?
    1. Yes, all the time, well that is what I thought, it is a bit bigger, and since I don’t use my backpack that can hold a crap load of stuff.
  3. Will it make me a better video person?
    1. Well, probably not, but it is a work in progress. Anything helps.
  4. Is it something that is practical?
    1. Yes, it is very practical, in what it is being used for.
  5. Is it worth the $99? worth
    1. When I brought it, yes it was worth the money I spent

How Often

Now that it is 2022, like 4  years since I brought it. How often have I used it? That is a good question.

I used it for a year or so until I upgraded my iPhone to the 11 pro max. When I tried to use it seemed not to work. But I have revisited this and I have started to use it again.  I wanted to get a fresh look at this gimbal. To see if it is useful still nowadays.

I think it is still a good tool to add to your tech gear. But, to be honest with you. I don’t take it on too many trips due to the size of it.  That is a major downside for me to get the best video out there.


 I created some of this video in 2019 on a Carnival Cruise, aboard the Splendor of the seas.

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