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Kasa, Mini Plug

I thought I would switch things up with my smart plugs in the new house.


This is the first smart plug I got. I used this all the time. I ran into an issue with Wemo when one plug was updating and it never did update. It is still updating.

What did I get

I picked me up some Kasa mini-plugs

I thought I would go with these due to my use of the Kasa Smart switches and blubs I already have. So I could bring it all under one app.

The plug

I picked up a few of the 2 packs. And it is really nice. They are small They are just over 2 1/2″  in length and just over 1 1/2″. A lot smaller than the Wemo ones I had in the past.

I mostly got this for Christmas time. So we can control all the lights and the decorations we have. However, you can use this year around. I have them turn the lights on and so forth. Back things nice.

You just set and go.

One problem

When fitting things in a tight space, I found I had to get creative and I got the following to help me out.

Not my ideal set up but it works.

I have even done the following

this helped me plug in a few more things to operate with one plug.

Picked up

I got these on Amazon and well they are worth it in my opinion. I got them for $12.34, yea that is an odd price but that is what I paid for them. I got three of them, that is a pack of 2, so 6 in total.


Yep, I did a video on this.

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