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Mini Shotgun Mic

As a nerd, I mean a blogger, I need to get some new gadgets. I picked up a mini-shot gun mic. This is a handy little tool.

What is it

This is a small microphone that transmits sound to the device you are recording on. This is what it looks like.

I got this from Amazon of course since I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for a Rode shotgun microphone. I picked up the Movo mini shotgun mic and it looks like the more expensive one. Plus my wife hates me buying stuff. for myself.

What does it do

Well this can hook up to

  • Action camera
    • Need an adapter
  • Osmo pocket
    • Need an adapter
  • DLSR video camera if they have a headphone Jack
  • A iPhone or Android
    • iPhone needs an adapter

What the heck is with all the adapters? (shakes my head)

Came with

This came with the following:

  • Microphone
  • Dead cat
    • Blocks wind when filming outside
  • 2 hotshot adapters (I think that is what they are)
  • 2 hanging cables
    • One standard
    • One for the phone
      • Phones have a special connection you need
      • You have to provide the adapter to connect to the phone like an iPhone.
  • A bag to carry all this in


Quality on this thing is pretty good, granted I film in my office or house 80% of the time. When I do film outside with my

It is pretty good. Even with the dead cat (wind filter) on it.

Fit in bag

Yep, this fits in my tech backpack alright. It is a part of my blogging tools. So it better fit you hear me.

Some pictures


This mic is pretty positive, when I don’t want to use the Lavier microphone then this is a good choice to use. I really like this one. It gives me some flexibility on what sound I need to use to get my point.

I have relied on the use of the eternal microphone for a way too long and not getting good quality sound. The sound makes or breaks a video.

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