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Now that I have a MacBook Pro with four thunderbolt ports. The question is how the hell am I supposed to hook stuff to it.

Hook stuff up

How am I supposed to hook up the following

  • Monitor
  • USB mic
  • USB camera
  • SD cards
  • USB hard drives
  • Network cable

I am so used to a Window machine where there were options for this stuff.

I didn’t want to use dongles for everything. That would be a lot of dongles to carry around.


I found something on Kickstarter called DGRule the invisible hub for MacBook.

The unique invisible USB-c hub for 16″/15″/13″ MacBook Pro. Perfectly fits MacBook, Compact, & portable anywhere.

I paid $79.00 for this thing, yea my wife wasn’t very happy with me. But oh well.


During the pledge, I had to pick out the one that goes with my MacBook Pro. Naturally, since I have a 13″ I got the one for a 13″ MacBook Pro. It has the following:

  • Headphone jack
  • 3 USB A plugs
  • HDMI port
  • Display port settings
  • 2 USB C ports
  • SD cards slot

It connects to the Laptop via 2 thunderbolt ports and to the Headphone port.

It is a nice thing to have for the MacBook to hook things up. No dongles, well I have 2 that I use when it is on my desktop. When I travel I leave them behind.

I have one dongle for a network connection. It sure is nice to have when uploading large video files to YouTube and to Vimeo.

I also have a dongle for my monitor. It isn’t an HDMI connection and not a display port that is on the device

My Thoughts

I really like this device it makes the MacBook more useful for me. You can hook up a lot of things that I use on a daily bases. The SD card readers come in handy.

It is nice and does lift the laptop at an angle.  I only wish that it had a network jack built-in so I could use it when I travel.

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