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Small Backpack

When I have been traveling, I carry my tech backpack. However, when I go out and about I don’t take my tech backpack. Why? It is just too bulky. I needed something different.


The first time we went to Alaska, I bought a backpack to carry around some of my stuff. My wife didn’t want me to use my big tech bag while out. But this is a normal size backpack and it is hard to pack in my backpack.


We used my wife’s backpack to go out to the beach and stuff. She didn’t like that as it got sand in it. So I had to come up with something.


While I was in the Eddie Bauer outlet store and I found this

This is a compact backpack. When you undo it, it turns into this.

Small enough

Yes, this is backpack is small enough to fit into my tech backpack.  It fits in the back part of my tech bag. I like it.

Some might be thinking why don’t I just use my new tech backpack. Well, my new tech pack is from Nomadic and it was expensive. Like 200 dollars, and the one I bought at Eddie Bauer was $10.

My Thoughts

I like this bag. It is helpful to carry my camera stuff around. I have used this on some past trips and I think it will be getting some good use in the future.  My wife thought this was a great purchase. Here is what it looked like on me:

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