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OSMO Batteries

Now that I have an OSMO action, I film most of the videos on it. The only bad thing is that it only came with one battery. What the heck.


Yep, it only came with one battery, and it is fine if you can keep it charged. But, what happens if the battery runs out then you are screwed. Like, take this for example.

Doing a vlog for my YouTube channel, JustJustin, and the battery runs out. Not more than 2 min later. Gwen Stefani comes up and starts talking to you, gives you a chance of a lifetime, and says, ” Put me in your video. But you don’t have a battery due to it running out. She likes it too bad and walks away.

Like that would ever happen.

The Fix

Well, so that never happens to me, I went out and bought the following

Yea, it came with 2 batteries So I would have a lot of power to film with.

Came with

Two batteries and a charging case. What I don’t understand is that it charges 3 batteries, but it only came with two batteries. I guess it is so you can charge the original battery as well. But, what would be in the camera?


 I really like to have that extra power. The batteries will only last so long depending on your shooting video’s 63 min up to 135 min. So I will never miss the video of a lifetime.

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