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Snap Lock Plate

Needed a way to move quickly from one method of filming to another. Is that even possible?

Standard way

You get something like this

You screw it to the top of a tripod which is a good way but since I got my Mantis pod (check out the post about that)

It has this on it

So that meant that I would have to unscrew that and then screw in the first image and then screw that on the new tripod.

Better way

I found a better way to do this. I picked up this

From PGYTECH, yes the same people who made the Mantis pod.

Now I can just put this on a different Tripod and switch between those with no problem.

I can even put my OSMO Pocket to one and have it be an easy release. This comes in handy.


If you are in need of something that you can slide in and out better. A better way to mount your camera, then you will need to get one of these. Yes, it is worth it.

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