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USB Charger

When you are traveling you usually have a crapload of stuff to charge nowadays. Right? Am I the only one? You need a good way to charge all that stuff.

When I travel

I usually have a  lot of stuff to charge up like

  • iPhone
  • iWatch
  • Camera’s
  • iPad
  • Wife’s stuff
  • Battery backups

The list goes on and on.  So if you have to have a charger for each one of those it could be a mess and trying to figure out how to charge your tech.

6 port

I found a 6 port USB charger on Amazon and I picked it up. Here is what it looks like.

It cost about $15.99 and I got this back in 2016. Yea that was 6  years ago.  Holy crap. Might be a time for an upgrade.

It has 6 USB A ports. So it gets used quite a bit.  I got my wife a small one, but she doesn’t use it. She uses this one.

It comes with a stand, however, I don’t use that anymore. It just takes up more room in my cable organizer bag.

My thoughts

I really like this little added multi-port charger as it can charge many things at once. I might need to pick up a new one with some USB C ports. But this has been a lifesaver for charging all my stuff while I am traveling or at home. If you are in the need of one, then pick one of these up.

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