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Kasa Outdoor Plug

II had a plan in my head and I put that plan into effect and well it got messed up. Hangs my head in shame.

The plan

I was thinking ahead in the new house and got several plugs in the eves and on the house on a switch.  You know for Christmas lights. I like to hang lights up during the Christmas season. I have 4 plugs in the eves, and 2 towards the ground. But, I changed the way I do lights. I have some permanent lights up. This meant that the permanent lights are plugged into the “Christmas” plugs in the eves. So that meant that the switch is always on to power the lights.  Also, I have some cameras plugged into those plugs as well.

Plugs on the Ground

One plug is on my porch and the other one is on the side of the house. The side of the house has something plugged into it so it needs to have power to it at all times.

I don’t want to leave my Christmas lights on at all times, that would look tacky. So not me.  According to my wife, I am tacky as hell.

I needed to think of something.


I found this

This is a Kasa outdoor plug. What the hell does that mean, Gadget guy? Well, it means that you can control it via your smartphone and set it up on a schedule and it will turn on and off when you want them to.


Yep, just like my switch, I have talked about on here. Yes, it is in that family of products and it is really nice to have.

It comes with about 8 1/2″ cord and it has 2 plugs.

2 Plugs —

Yep, you can plug 2 things into this and both of them will turn on when you want them to.  I have three of them that I used last Christmas time. I named them so I could put them where I needed them. Didn’t do much in the yard last year. You know the first year in the house. Wanted to see what the neighbors are doing so we don’t overdo it. Or like my wife would say. Not to be “White Trash”

Plus, the snowman has died.  Rest in peace, my friend.

These aren’t just for Christmas use. I have other places where I can put these at.  I picked these up on Amazon and they were $15.99.


Check out the video

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