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Gadgets and More

Misc. Stuff

Little things that wrap up my stuff in my bag.  So let’s take a look at what is left.


I keep a pair of headphones that I can take out and plug into the back of the headrest if I am flying somewhere. Well, that is if they have that option. Then I can watch a movie or something. 

Charging cord

I also keep a charging cord that is a USB-A to lighting port to charge my cellphone. That is if the airline has that option, Also it comes in handy when you rent a car, you just pull that out and plug in your cell phone and it will charge and connect to Apple Car Play. Help on GPS.

Audio adapter to lighting cable

I carry at least 2 of them in my bag. I don’t know why I  have 2 of them,  but It is better to have them, right. I use it to plug a microphone into my iPhone.  Most of the time it is the lavalier mic.

Lapel clips

I keep a box of 3 lapel mics and some windscreens for the lavalier microphone. I keep them there so I know where they are at. It came in handy when I lost my current one. I knew right where they are at.


You never know when you will need a pen, so I carry a couple of them, so I know where they are at. Comes in handy.

Slow Dolphin

These things come in exactly. What exactly is it? It is a small gadget where you can slide it into a cold shoe and screw on a Lume Cube. Since the Lume Cube doesn’t come with a cold shoe. Well, this comes in handy. I have 2 of them.

Cruise Tags

These are to place your room number tag on your luggage. They are way better than using just paper tags.  I just keep these in my backpack at all times. Why? I misplaced these before and I had to buy new ones before my cruise in Feb. 2020. I did find where I put them when I moved in March 2021.

Hand Sanitizer

Yes, I keep a small bottle of this with me you know just in case. I carried this before 2020 came around. It is just nice to have.


This completes all the stuff in my tech bag. As of Feb 8, 2022. Yes, the stuff in the bag will change over time. I have to weed it down, that bag is heavy and corded.


Check out the video.

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