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Network Attached Storage

What is network attached storage you might ask yourself? Well, let me explain what it might mean.

Network Attached Storage

Most times it is referred to as NAS, you know Network Attached Storage, so NAS.  In my words a, NAS is a bunch of disks grouped together, well most times anyway. But you can hook up a single drive to a network and access it. You most likely will access this over a browser. You can also access it over a network via Windows file explorer.


I could bore you death on how this came about and why and so forth. But I can just tell you that it is nice to have access.  So if you want history go to the internet.

Uses of it

Some large NAS companies like Synology and QNAP make these devices. But I don’t use those companies.  They usually team up with Intel or AMD to run the devices.

Next few posts

I will be talking about what I use for my NAS systems. I went with my go-to hard drive company. That is Western Digital

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