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Christmas Lights

When November rolls around, you start thinking of hanging up Christmas lights. I know that is what I do.

Getting old

I am getting old and I will be the first one to admit it because I am getting old. Besides, ladders and high places don’t mix with me at the moment. No, I am not afraid of heights. I am just afraid of getting dizzy and falling off.  Check out my blog.


When we moved, we has some extra money due to the sale of our house so I decided to get some permanent lights. You know the things that you will not have to put up or takedown. I have been looking at some different companies. There are quite a few out there. However, I decided to go with Everlights.


This was the first company I looked at like a long time ago. I know I could never get them on the old house. Due to the wife saying no more than once. I had them come out and give me a quote. I didn’t call anyone else. I was sold on their app.

I watched a lot of YouTube videos from other companies and they didn’t show if they had a calendar so that you can schedule your lights. They explained what the lights can do but not if you can schedule the lights. Everlights did that and that is what I was sold on. I wanted the ability to schedule the lights so I won’t have to remember to do that.


So the app is pretty basic. It has been upgraded and that is nice. 

Looks like

When the app is opened up


You can create your sequences

They have a bunch already created

The calendar feature

As you can see I have the month of February booked up.

My thoughts

What sold me to this company was the calendar feature. I wanted to make sure I can schedule out my lights and they come on when I want them to. This is the thing I saw when looking at permanent lighting for my house. Other companies never showed me this option in their app so I didn’t consider them at all. I like where my lights were placed. they were placed in the rain gutter and they are pointing directly straight out. Not down at the house. I like that look.

Now I don’t have to bother my kids to come and put up Christmas lights and take them down. Some might say just don’t put lights up. I say WHAT!! That is not me.

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