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Beetle Camera Clip

I wanted to up my game in the camera clip area. When I travel I sometimes like to clip my OSMO Action to my backpack to get a different view.

Old one

This one came in a package that I got I think with my HD 1080 P action camera, which I named want to be GoPro. It looked like this

It was a pain in the butt to take the camera on and off.

You had to screw and unscrew the clip and then you needed to put the camera back on the other one, meaning that you had t do the screwing again. That was just a major pain in the butt.

Since I got the Snap Lock Plate adapter I saw something that I picked up and it will help me out in my quest to become better.

Beetle Camera Clip

I saw this on the website, and I thought this would be helpful.

It clips on your backpack and you can slide your camera off and on as long as you have the snap look plate. It did come with one.

You can mount the following to it.

  • OSMO Action
  • OSMO Pocket
  • DLSR camera or something like that

I am sure you could find more things to clip to this but, that is what I use.

My Thoughts

I like the Beetle camera clip better than my old one. As it only takes a few seconds to change between the different modes. Plus it has a locking switch to lock it in place so you can’t slide it out that easily. You know to protect your gear.

I just need to use it more often.


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