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We got a projector, now we just need something to watch it on.

Watching it

We set up the projector outside to watch a movie and hooked up a white sheet on the side back of the house. But it didn’t work out well. We took that down and we watched it on the house. It wasn’t the best. But it was doable.

We needed to fix it so we could enjoy the outdoors and a good movie.


My wife was surfing the internet and she found something that might work. She sent it to me and said we needed this. I think she does that so when I buy it, Then I can kit in trouble for spending the money. But this time, she ordered the following:

It was $100, don’t ask me where it was from, just that it was an online store.

It comes in a nice carrying case.

Set up

It is pretty easy to set up as long it is done in the light. I tried to do this in Lake Powell after dark, and people waiting on me. It wasn’t a good thing. But it was set up and we enjoyed the movie.

The frame is made of metal.

It was easy to set up the old house since we had a deck to put it on. Now we just have the ground. You now have to bend down. Bummer and a pain in the back.

Small Screen

Here are some pictures of the small screen

My thoughts

This has served us well over the years. My kids would have friends over to watch movies. Play video games. We had a movie night at the house. We even had popcorn from our popcorn maker, It is an easy setup and takes down. Worth the money we spent on it.


Yep, I did a video on it.

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