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You need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. But, for me I stopped wearing contacts so why do I need these.


The backpack I got comes with a glass carrying case. This is designed for sunglasses since you are wearing your eyeglasses most likely. It could be night and you don’t wear your sunglasses at night unless you are Corey Hart.

This is what the case looks like.


Now I used to take good care of my sunglasses and I usually had a pair for like years. Then I started to lose them, or my kids borrow them and then lose them. I remember I went through 2 pairs on a cruise due to my sitting on them. I know what the heck.

I bought these in Las Vegas when we got my wife some nice ones.

Yes, they were expensive I think we thought we had money. We really didn’t. But I have kept them for like 4 years. I just haven’t worn them that often due to my stopping wearing contacts.

Take out

I guess I can take out the case and free up a spot in my backpack, But I just like to have them there I know I am an odd duck.

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