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Jump Start

My wife and I were walking around Costco back in Nov. of 2021 and we came across something that we thought would be a good gift for people.

Jump Start

It was a small compact battery that will jump-start your battery. That is car batteries, motorcycles, and things like that. It does look like you possibly charge your phone. But I wouldn’t try charging a triple-A battery.

It is a Touring EMS Types product. It consists of the following:

  • A battery
  • A small cable to connect the positive and negative cables
  • Car charger to charge the jumpstart if needed.
  • A USB cable to charge the jumpstart for a USB A port.


It was on sale for $59.99, we picked up a few of them and I went back and got a couple more. They made good Christmas gifts.

They normally run about a hundred dollars. So there is that.


The question on everyone’s mind is does this thing work? Well, yes it does. We jump-started my son’s scooter. He did jump-start my wife’s Honda Pilot when that was dead. It does work wonders.

Pick it up

If you see this at Costco, then I would say pick this bad boy up. It does really come in handy.

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