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Lavier Microphone

In order to get a good sound, you need a microphone. The external mic on the iPhone and my action camera just weren’t getting the job done.

Lavier Mic

When I started out trying to do videos for my travel website I needed to get a good mic. I picked up this one.

It came in the following

And it has an extension

If you want this to connect up to your phone then you will need this

This is for the iPhone.

Pretty good mic

I like this mic, it can fit up and under my shirt and it is small. I use this a lot of the time when I am traveling and I am going somewhere I can’t take my normal vlogging setup. It comes across as a pretty good sound.

I ordered this from Amazon back in April of 2018 and it was $19.97. I have used it in all of my cameras and it does a good job.

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