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Bluetooth Keyboard

When you have an iPad you need a keyboard to type on. Well, OK I need a keyboard to type on. I have had several of them and this is the one I like.


This is not your standard keyboard for the iPad it is an external one. What?

Lost your Mind

Have you lost your freaking mind? Yes, you must have lost it. Let me explain. I have tried the keyboards that are connected to the iPad via a case. Yes, they are nice and convenient. You only have to carry one around and it is with you at all times. However. I didn’t like to type on those. Here is my wife’s keyboard.

For years I would do something Ike that. My hands were way too close to each outer and it just made typing harder for me.


I opted for something like this keyboard. It is like a standard keyboard. I can type better on it as it isn’t that hard to use. It does take 2 triple A batteries. I just have to make sure that I have some in my Tech bag. I can use this on my MacBook as well. I have connected it up and used it just so I can face my big monitor and have dual screens.

I have used this on my cellphone as well. Back in the day, I used this for my Palm Pilot.

It was nice and small. But I like this one. Call me strange or odd.


Yes, it is missing a key, the F6 key, I can’t even remember what it does. I don’t use it that much. Yes, this is a pain in the butt to carry around the iPad and this keyboard when you would like to type. That is why I have something that will work for that purpose and that is coming up in a later post.  Come back for that one. Get one if you would like. I haven’t been disappointed in this. 

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