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USB C Mini Display Cord

If your wife wants to work while on vacation. You need to figure something out.


While on my 16-day cruise from San Francisco to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, via the Panama Canal, my wife thought it would be an excellent time to work. So, I had to figure out something that would work.

My wife has a surface with a docking station.

We had a couple of monitors to hook up to the docking station. But we needed some cables to hook up to the docking station.

Picked up

A USB C to Mini Display port cable to hook up the monitor to the docking station.

The monitor had a USB C to USB C cable, but the working docking station had a display port. So we got this one to help out.

This worked pretty well. It made it so my wife could work while on the Ruby Princess.

Pick it up if you need one to help connect your monitor to a docking station with a mini display port.

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