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New Blue Cases

When trying to organize all my stuff, like cables. I have a lot of them.


When I travel, I have added some things to help me work and travel more efficiently. Weill, that is the idea anyway.

I picked up the following:


I talked about this here ( By doing this, I got more cables to haul around. I thought I would pick up more cases to help with the cables. 


I picked up the following, and they were $10.88, but now they are $9.99


I found these on Amazon, where I find most of my stuff. I thought these would help organize the cables for the monitor. Plus some other wires. This way, I won’t have to use my other Cord bags. Yes, I have a couple of bags for all the cords I have. I mean, I have:

  • USB C
  • Apple Watch charger
  • iPhone charger
  • Six-port USB charger
  • Micro USB charger
  • MacBook Charger

These are in both of my bags. So I have what I need.

These bags are for the monitor cables and other things. 

That way I will know where things are at and where they go when I am done with them. So I will know where they are at.


My wife says I have too many bags or cases. But, you know what I think, nope, you can’t have too many of these things. They make packing and organizing cables and cords. The big one comes in handy for the bigger cables, and the smaller one is good for small things.

I really need to get an affiliate link.

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