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New Portable Monitor

I have wanted to get some external monitors for my MacBook Pro. You know, so I can be more efficient with my laptop working.


So I talked to my wife and said that some external monitors would be excellent so I could work anywhere. I won’t be tied to my desk and will be more productive. You know what she said: “Hell NO” you aren’t getting anything like that. You don’t need them, and you will never use them.

I said, yea, I would use them all the time. It appears that I won’t be getting any portable monitors soon.

One day

My wife came to me and said the following (of sorts)

Justin, since we will be traveling, I will need a portable monitor to work from anywhere.

I said, “You don’t need that. You will never use them.”

She looked at me and told me to shut up and help her find one.


We looked, and we found one that she wanted.

However, it didn’t work for her window’s surface when it came. (Windows version of a Laptop)I figured it wouldn’t fit, but she was determined. So, I picked it up on Amazon, and it came. Yep, I was right. It didn’t work. This one was $319 when I ordered it; now, it is $339 on Amazon.

However, it worked great on my MacBook. (more on this later)

I found the following monitor

It is an ESR Portable Monitor for Laptop, MacBook, Tablet, Phone, and Switch, most likely more options. It was $143.99 when I bought it. Now it is $159 on Amazon.

She likes this one so that she can make the monitor go vertical.


I kept one, Returned one.

We kept the one she liked and returned the one she didn’t like. Even after I said I could use it, we needed to return it to get our money back. I was upset, but you do what the wife says. You know the saying.

“Happy wife, Happy life.”

No, this isn’t true.

We have to get another one so she can have two monitors. 


Yes, this is useful to use. On my trip to the Pacific Coastal Cruise in April of 2023, I took the monitor, which was handy. I could use it on my MacBook Pro or my iPad Air. Yes, I used it on my iPad. It isn’t a touch screen, but it was pleasant to use.

I even took this to work one day as a second monitor. Technically, it was the third monitor, including my laptop, a big monitor, and this one. It was nice to have it.

One I could use

Yea, even if one were good for me, it would be helpful to get things done. I couldn’t keep it. That was a sad day. But on the bright side, I can use the wife’s whenever she isn’t using them. Yea.


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