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SD Card Reader

My MacBook doesn’t have any SD Cards slots. So how do I move the items of the Micro SD cards that I use in my Osmo Action and Pocket? What does one do?

Picked up

I picked up the following to help move the files from my cameras.

That has a lot of media cards, and it works well. That is if it is on the Laptop. It doesn’t help if it isn’t on the MacBook.

I went on a Pacific Coastal Cruise, and I went to move the files off the SD cards, and I couldn’t because I left this behind at the house. I know, I know. It sucked big time. I needed a backup plan.


I went on Amazon and was looking for a backup solution. I found one, and it is this one.

This is a USB -C Card Reader/Writer and USB – A

It has a Micro SD and SD card reader.

It fits right on top of one of my battery case holders for the Osmo Action. I always have this when I travel to transfer files from my camera to my MacBook quickly.

It is a pretty decent gadget. It ran me $11.99 back in April of 2023, and now it is $10.99. The wife wasn’t too happy about another tech item.


I have used it to move over files from an SD card and a micro SD card on my Windows Laptop. It also works on the docking station for my MacBook Pro, which is a USB A.

With the USB-C, it worked as well. However, you can’t transfer from both cards at the same time.

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