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Shock Mounts

You might be asking yourself what in the heck is a shock mount? Well, that is a good question. Let us find out.

Shock Mount

This is what the shock mount looks like

I picked up 2 of these at a cost of $10.99. Why, did I pick up an extra 2 of them?


I had my camera stuck to my monitor via a suction mount and it didn’t hold it and fell off and the mount broke.

So I couldn’t use my mic since the mount broke.

Now I have a backup one and I use one.


This is a good thing to have as it will hold your mic on top or side of your camera

It is nice to have that mic to pick up on your voice to increase your audio quality. This shock mount is a good thing and I found out a very useful thing to have. Now my audio didn’t suffer as I used my Lavalier mic in place of the shotgun mic. But it never hurts to have a mount for your microphone.

I just have to remember to take the extra one with me when I travel. So if one breaks then I have a backup. But if the backup breaks, then I am screwed.  

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