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Hardshell Cord Case

Been looking at something to help me out in having things handy for when I fly.


When I fly I like to have some things handy, like the following:

  • Headphones
  • iPhone Charger
  • iPad Charger

There might be an off chance that I need an iWatch charger like I did when flying to Hawaii.

Trying to figure out how to have everything handy without getting into my backpack.  I came up with a solution.

Carry this on my Sleep Apnea bag


I picked up a case

It is a Hermit shell Hard travel case, picked up for $11.99. It is a small little case that fits the following in it.

I would love to fit this in there as well

But that is one thing that won’t fit.


I just needed to have an easy way to have access to these things handy. This is an easy thing to clip onto a bag. I added it to my sleep apnea bag since I put this under my seat and it is handy. I clipped it to my backpack and well that wasn’t handy.

I would recommend getting something like this to help you out with your charging needs. Well, this is only handy if your plane has a USB plug option to power your device.


Here is a video

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