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New 67″ Tripod

I needed to get a new tripod something that was tall enough to shoot video without me holding it.

Picked up

I picked up an Aureday 67″ Phone, tripod. It comes with a remote, but sadly, I don’t use it.

This goes from 18 inches to 67 inches. Here is a breakdown of the sizes.

  • 18 inch
  • 20.1 inch
  • 29.2 inch
  • 41 inch
  • 54 inch
  • 67 inch

I burrowed this from Amazon.


I needed a good tall tripod that I could film myself without holding the tripod and it is a nice thing to have. I don’t carry this in my backpack, but I do put it in my check bag. Maybe I should. But it is rather tall for my backpack.


Yes, this isn’t what I had envisioned for a tripod but it was $19.99 when I picked this up, now this it is $23.99


This is a decent tripod and it has come in handy when I travel. I took this on the

  • New England Cruise
  • Hawaii
  • Pacific Coastal Cruise

I plan on taking it on more trips and helping to film my other blogs.


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