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New Cord Organizer

My quest to find the best way to pack and organize my cords is never-ending.

New Bag

I picked up a Ddgro Tech Organizer Pouch Travel Bag from Amazon.


It was $13.99 when I bought this back in September of 2022. The cost is now $13.19. So it is cheaper.

The Bag

The bag is blue, as you can see above. The bag contains 2 sections.

The front section consists of

  • 5 pouches for cords
  • One big one


The back section

  • 2 big pockets

It comes in different colors

  • Azure Blue
  • Black
  • Camo Green
  • Camo Pink
  • Dark Gray
  • Gray-003
  • Light Gray
  • Light Pink
  • Navy blue


This might be a burning question you might have. Justin, you already have a cord bag. I read all about it here. Well, yes, I do have that. However, this bag is big and bulky and takes up a lot of room in the tech bag.

This one is smaller and can fit here in my backpack

This was where my Keyboard went. I don’t need that anymore. Stay tuned.

I still take my bigger cord bag, just not in my tech bag.


I really like this bag. It can hold the essential cords I need in my bag. Like the following:

  • Kdk
  • Dkld

I still need many cords to charge all my stuff up and help my wife, who doesn’t really organize her cords.

It comes in handy, and it is small.


Here is a video I did

Should I get a YouTube channel for this blog?

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